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Established in 2003, Ameritrans began operations in El Paso, TX, with a small fleet of trucks and a vision.  That vision was simply to become one of the most dependable and efficient full-service truckload providers within the transportation industry. That vision has broadened into a reality that has far exceeded our previous expectations.  With the addition of 100 tractor units and 200 trailers, Ameritrans has also integrated a full service freight forwarding logistics division capable of expediting freight on a global scale.
Strategically positioning our current fleet of equipment allows Ameritrans to provide the service and responsiveness of a local provider, as well as the strength and resources of a large corporation, capable of moving freight across the United States and Mexico. Ameritrans continuously strives in its efforts to be the most cost efficient, flexible, safe and on time transportation provider in the industry.
Our experienced and dedicated staff enables Ameritrans to provide you with a level of reliable and personalized service that few in the industry can match.

We believe in providing an “on time” service and customer communication beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs.
The honesty, intelligence, and commitment of our people are vital to the Ameritrans mission. As a team we bring more experience, efficiency and integrity, essential core values vital in accomplishing our goal of complete customer satisfaction. We share pride in the Company and respect each individual’s contribution at every level.
Our Philosophy
By utilizing our broad spectrum of commodity transportation services, we will diligently assist our customers in maximizing production and increasing market share, as well as providing and contributing to the distribution of goods for a growing national and global economy.

Ameritrans specializes in dedicated fleet services to and from the U.S. and Mexico’s southern regions. This dedicated
service allows our customers to experience the flexibility, convenience and efficiency of a transportation provider dedicated to satisfying its customer’s transportation needs.
Ameritrans provides an on time service originating from multiple U.S./Mexico manufacturing regions – allowing us to deliver to most points within the continental U.S.  Our process & procedures have been refined to create a complete door-to-door, through trailer service that creates many backhaul transportation possibilities from almost any point in the continental U.S.
Ameritrans has established business relationships with many of the most prominent and dependable trucking and logistical companies in Mexico.  These relationships provide our customers with a secure, reliable, and dependable extended Mexico/U.S. service that complies with all U.S. shipping requirements.
  • Dedicated fleet services
  • Dedicated capacity available by lane and location
  • Trailer service U.S. to Mexico
  • Trailer service Mexico to U.S.
  • Satellite tracking capabilities
  • Expedited team service
  • 53’ Dry Van trailers (Air ride)
  • EDI capabilities
  • 24 hour dispatch
  • Full Truckload brokering capabilities

Slide On-time freight
Dry Van, Refrigerated,
Flatbed, Logistics,
Intermodal, Port Services
Customized solutions
Real-time tracking and
on-demand reporting 24/7


Tracking Technology Built For You
   Ameritrans Terminals
Ameritrans Service Terminals
As one of El Paso’s most reliable trucking and logistics companies, we offer a wide variety of truckload services that are adaptable, flexible, and customizable.
With over 300 trucks constantly moving cargo on time we can confidently respond immediately to any full-truckload shipping need you may have. We have wide variety of customizable and flexible solutions.

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